5 things I learnt from my first Trailblazer Community Group Event

Abigail and Louise Lockie

The Trailblazer Community is a great place to learn, share and connect. Abigail, Supermum graduate and team member shares her experience and encourages you to join in.

There’s a group for you

Trailblazer Community Groups exist across the globe and cover many different topics. You can join many different groups; from those in your geographical region to ones focused on specific products or community groups. Given that I work for Supermums, am in London a lot of the time and am now a ‘Woman in Tech’, the London Women in Tech Group seemed a good place to start.

Check out the groups you can join here: https://trailblazercommunitygroups.com/

Groups are welcoming

I quickly discovered, while pocketing a new batch of stickers, that I wasn’t the only first timer. Chatting over the (rapidly depleting) sticker stock and wine, I discovered that many people had not been to the event before, or were in town from abroad and attending to build their network in the UK. So, if you’ve never been to one, don’t be nervous of showing up by yourself. If you are nervous,  reach out on social media and see who else is going.  The Salesforce community online is great but it is nice to meet ‘IRL’ sometimes too!

Members are generous

Group leaders organise events voluntarily and guest speakers share their knowledge, skills & experience generously.  At my first London Women in Tech event Louise Lockie, (@louiselockie) shared her learning from Salesforce events in the USA, multiplying the impact of the opportunity she had and cascading it throughout the community. Amanda Beard – Neilson (@amandabn1) shared her journey to CTO with humour and a realism about the challenges that she overcame along the way, which meant it sounded not only aspirational, but achievable for those with ambitions to follow in her footsteps.

It’s a real learning opportunity

You’re bound to come away having learnt something new, no matter which group you join. At this event one of my key takeaways was that your career journey in Salesforce can be whatever you want it to be. To quote Amanda:

It’s your journey, not someone else’s


 This really struck a chord as last week I took the Trailhead module on ‘Exploring Career Development’ . It helped me understand the type of Salesforce career journey that would suit me, as well as how I could help others achieve their own success.

Stickers Rule

We all love a Salesforce character sticker (and all merch in fact) and we really should just stop pretending we’re ‘picking them up for the kids!’

If you’ve been inspired, start by joining our communities online: Facebook, Twitter , Instagram and LinkedIn.

If you are yet to join Trailblazer Community Group now do it now at: https://trailblazercommunitygroups.com/

What to join the Salesforce ecosystem? Train up with us at supermums.org/training or, our recruitment team can find you a role supermums.org/recruitment/ .

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