10 Questions to Ask That Will Help You Find Your Niche

Have you ever played disc golf? If yes, what did you like the most about the sport? 

My family recently started playing disc golf. Although I spend more time chasing the disc then actually scoring, I do find the sport relaxing and a lot of fun.  

Like many other sports, disc golf has a specific goal. Despite evidence to the contrary when watching me play, the goal is NOT to throw as many discs as you can or to randomly throw discs in any direction. The only way to win disc golf is by making each basket in the fewest plays possible so you have the lowest score. In other words, to win at disc golf, you have to know your target and hit it!  

Sadly, I often see people in the Salesforce ecosystem seeking a job the way I play disc golf, throwing discs in random directions and hoping to hit a basket, any basket. They’d have much more success if they knew what basket they were trying to hit and aimed for it instead. Unlike my disc golf playing, they wouldn’t even need to practice hours upon end to score a hit!   


Why is setting a specific goal, otherwise known as finding your niche, so helpful? I can think of a couple of reasons: 


First, narrowing your focus makes it easier for others to help you find a position.  

Think about what would happen if you went to a disc golf course and asked someone to point you toward a basket. When they ask you which one, you say, “It doesn’t matter. Any basket will do.”  Did that make their job easier or harder? (Or did they look at you like you were crazy?!) 


Second, being specific makes it easier for you to talk to recruiters and interviewers about what you want and the value you bring to the table.  

Using our disc golf analogy again, if you know what direction to throw the disc, how far away you are from the basket, and what lies between the basket and you, you can reasonably discuss the game. However, if you’re out in a field throwing random discs without aiming at any basket, you’re playing Frisbee not disc golf. You’ll find it difficult to accomplish what you want or to impress anyone with your skills if you’re not playing the right game!  


Third, finding a niche saves you time and energy. 

No professional would ever play disc golf the way I play! I waste a ton of time and energy chasing after discs and retracing my steps. Since it’s just a hobby, the wasted effort doesn’t really matter. However, I don’t think you want to waste your time and energy when it comes to your job hunt or career; I know that I don’t. Our careers are too vital for us to vaguely wander around, hoping that the next basket we hit is the one we actually wanted to hit. Let’s get deliberate about our career “game!” 


So, how do you find your Salesforce niche?

You can start by asking yourself these 10 key questions and creating the “basket” you want to aim for as you seek your next position: 

  1. What skills, tasks, and activities do I most enjoy using? 
  2. What skills, tasks, and activities bore me, do I dislike, or am I lousy at?  
  3. What industry(s) have I worked in that I liked? 
  4. What does my ideal company look like? 
  5. What benefits or incentives matter the most to me? 
  6. What do I value and what motivates me? 
  7. Who do I enjoy working alongside? 
  8. Who do I want to serve or impact? 
  9. How do I want work and life to intersect? 
  10. What experiences do I want to have? 


Courtney Kirschbaum, one of my favorite career coaches, says, “Don’t apply for a job. Choose an experience that’s the most likely to take you closer to where you want to be, to the experiences you want to have, and how you want to live.” 


When at all possible, I think that’s the best advice to follow as you find your Salesforce niche! 

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