Who won our first Demo Jam?

And our Demo Jam winner was: NativeVideo 

Did you watch 6 companies battle against each other and showcase their new apps? Supermums ran their first Demo Jam at the end of May.

The Salesforce AppExchange offers thousands of products that provide solutions in just a few clicks. With so many to choose from it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s were Demo Jams come in. A fun and fast way to get an understanding of some of the best solutions on the market. 

If you missed it, you can watch it again here or read below about the company who took part.


Winner: NativeVideo

As the name says at NativeVideo we bring video as a native functionality inside Salesforce.

The big “WHY” behind our mission is that we believe that the way people create and share information today so as you saw in our Demo we want to complement all that text with video. We are very grateful for the opportunity to show our solution in action and incredibly happy that we were voted the best demo/solution by the audience that attended virtually!

This is our 3rd Demo Jam victory out of 3 participation, looks like this “video” thing works!

Next step: Take a(nother) look at the Demo that we showed, and book in time with us to discuss your company video strategy.

2nd Place: EventSpark

SparkSmiths creates Sparks, aka Apps, on the Salesforce platform. Available to download from the Salesforce AppExchange, is EventSpark which we launched in 2019.

In a world of digital overload and virtual engagements, you need to build better, more personal, connections with your clients to stand out from the crowd. That’s why you’re doing more live events than ever before. They need a little Spark! Find out more here 


FormAssembly’s easy-to-use, yet powerful web form platform helps nonprofit organizations worldwide collect the data they need to make an impact.

Nonprofits use FormAssembly for a wide range of use cases including secure donation forms, volunteer applications, event registration forms, and more. FormAssembly offers an uncompromising stance on security and compliance, powerful integrations with Salesforce and other tools, responsive support, and a user-friendly interface, with a 20 percent discount to qualifying nonprofits.

Learn more by downloading our eBook, Web forms for Nonprofits 101 


DemandTools, from Validity, is our flagship product, a collection of 11 powerful modules that allow you to manage, clean, and maintain your CRM with ease. In addition, DupeBlocker and PeopleImport work to ensure your CRM is free-and-clear of duplicates as records are created or modified by list loads and end user entry. To find out more, click here 


Save time by automating your processes with Conga Composer, a workflow automation software that creates perfect templated digital documents. Conga Composer makes it easy to create and deliver sophisticated documents, presentations and reports from Salesforce by automatically populating richly-formatted templates with data from any standard or custom object. Want to become certified in Conga?

Reach out to Michelle to find out how you can become Conga Certified today. If you are a nonprofit, Conga is currently offering nonprofits Conga Sign for Salesforce for free!

Follow us on social or head over to Conga.com to schedule your custom demo or register for one of our Conga success webinars

Duplicate Check

Our Duplicate Check for Salesforce app helps you save time in your daily operations and improve the experience of your employees and customers alike.

Sales agents will not be bothered by duplicate contacts anymore and your contacts will only receive the communication they signed up for. Find out more here 

Thank you to everyone who tuned in and voted and most importantly, thank you to the 6 companies for taking part.

Look out for our next Demo Jam. Who wins? You Decide!



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