Supermums film by BBC

We are so proud to have been featured in a film made by the BBC on behalf of Salesforce and Innovation in Finance!

I’m sure by now you know who we are but if you are new to the community, Supermums is a digital platform helping parents (and non parents) to re-train and upskill in tech, using Salesforce CRM. This helps to get them back to work on their terms.

Last week our feature film was released and we are so proud to share our story and the journey of one of our mums, Silvia, with the world. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it below.

With approx. 45 million mums in the world and technology being the fastest growing sector, why aren’t there more mums in tech? Supermums sees their potential and helps them to upskill and retrain in Salesforce and supports parents into finding flexible, well paid roles that fit around family life.

Over the past 4 years we grown and now deliver our programme globally, have taught over 300+ mums and dads and upskilled them in Salesforce CRM and delivered over £500k of free training to charities through our work experience projects.

No matter what you are into, this innovative sector has a place for you. You don’t need to be techie to understand but having the knowledge opens so many new doors!

Find out more about the courses we offer and how they can help you start or accelerate your journey in Salesforce:

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