How to Demonstrate the ROI of Your Salesforce Investment 

By Jennifer Wood

March 7, 2022
5 min read

This month we are talking about how to demonstrate the ROI of your Salesforce investment with five main indicators from FormAssembly to help you demonstrate and measure this. Don’t forget to join us for our CPD Office Hours on 16th & 30th March.

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Learn how FormAssembly can help you measure the ROI of your Salesforce!

If your business is considering investing in Salesforce products, it’s important to back any internal teams and external consultancy costs with a clear business case and return on investment. Determining the value of a CRM system like Salesforce can be difficult, but is necessary to justify expenses as well as ensure successful strategies and business growth. In this blog as part of our CPD programme, we have teamed up with FormAssembly to share five main indicators that will help you demonstrate and measure the ROI of Salesforce, and how to gain more insight into each of these key areas.

Customer Service

Has your business invested in Salesforce to improve the customer service experience? In order to measure the impact it has had, we highly recommend tracking customer feedback scores to look for potential improvements, such as an increase in repeat customers or referral rates. The better the insights into how your customers respond to your products, services, and support, the more likely you are to ensure customer satisfaction in the future.

One easy way to gather these insights is to build and send customer feedback surveys to anyone who has purchased a product from your organization. When you build customer feedback forms with a Salesforce-integrated data collection platform like FormAssembly, each customer response will automatically update the corresponding customer’s Salesforce record. This will provide more visibility into customer satisfaction and will also enable customers to more easily contact your team with any support requests.

Stakeholder Engagement Rates

If your business has adopted Salesforce to improve customer relationships, it’s important that you are accurately capturing contact information and preferences. Once you have engaged with your customers and are communicating to them in their preferred way, you can track any improvement in engagement rates, an increase in ROI of marketing campaigns, and hopefully improve retention rates.

You can use FormAssembly for clean, accurate data capture into your Salesforce org. With a custom web form, you can easily collect customer information, set browser autocomplete attributes for better prefilling, and automatically create or update existing Salesforce records. This data will be up-to-date and easily accessible in Salesforce when contacting customers.

Business Efficiency

Does your business plan to use Salesforce to save time and money as well as allocate resources into more profitable activities? Quite often businesses use automation tools to automatically capture stakeholder information and automate responses to reduce administrative burden. If so, you will benefit from measuring a reduction in costs, time, and potentially demonstrate a reduction in leakage as well.

FormAssembly provides a user-friendly way to automate data collection processes and integrate seamlessly with Salesforce to minimize wasted resources and team overload. Eliminating manual data entry minimizes risk of human error, accelerates processing time, and frees teams to spend more time on productive tasks that ultimately increase business profit.

Business Intelligence

Capturing customer and employee feedback, including their ideas and suggestions, can be a great way to plan future business strategies, product updates, marketing campaigns, and more. From this information, you can demonstrate how Salesforce has helped you capture new ideas for continual development or improved market proposition.

To collect this valuable information, you can create a survey using FormAssembly that captures data and sends it directly to Salesforce. From there, you’ll be able to analyze the level of customer and employee engagement, learn about their needs, and make strategic adjustments.

Financial Sustainability

Another reason why businesses invest in Salesforce and third party apps is because they want to convert customers quicker and faster. To achieve this, you need the ability to streamline online product purchases while keeping any contact or payment information secure.

A common solution is to create online payment forms with FormAssembly. These forms simplify processes where more significant contracts are involved that require e-signature and payment solutions. Implementing such solutions lets you measure a quicker customer conversion rate, an increase in revenue, and improved financial assurance.

Join us for our March CPD Office Hours

During this month’s Supermums CPD Office Hours to learn how to measure your return on investment and how deploying FormAssembly across several business performance areas can help demonstrate the ROI of Salesforce.


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