Are you selling your new parenting skills at interview?

That’s right, you did hear correctly. We acquire new skills when we become a parent, not just a new baby….who knew!

I think many of us would just reflect on the sleep deprivation and memory loss, but actually our body is working overtime to give us the tools and resources we need to parent successfully.

According to Amy Henderson our brain changes when we have a baby and it actually acquires a load of new skills. It’s not just the mother who can benefit but the father too if they spend time looking after the baby. There is a valid reason for paternity leave now, you can tell your hubby he will acquire new super skills!!

Amy specialises in raising awareness about these new parenting skills to employers and individuals. She believes parents should sell these skills at interview and companies should recognise the value of these skills. We are truly super human beings after all….the brain is amazing isn’t it!?! The main thing factor to consider here, we should be selling these new found skills in our CV and at interview.


In this week’s Mums on Cloud Nine podcast listen to    Amy Henderson at Tendlabs to learn more about your new found skills and how to sell them positively as a parent in the workforce.

Tune in here. 

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