10 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid as a Salesforce Consultant 

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By Jennifer Wood

September 27, 2022
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You have got certified and upskilled as a Salesforce Admin but now you want to take that next step and become a Salesforce Consultant. How do you set yourself up for success to become a No 1 Consultant? Avoid the 10 rookie risks below that often happen if you have trained up professionally!

What is a Salesforce Consultant?

A Salesforce Consultant typically wears multiple hats. They might work in-house within a company or be contracted as an external consultant to help a business get the most out of their Salesforce CRM. They would conduct business analysis with a client to understand their business goals and processes, understand pain points and opportunities for technology to support them, and have the technical knowledge to design and/or implement solutions to enhance the business processes and performance. They are in a trusted position of authority as they are hired to help transform the way a team works to improve customer service and organisational performance.

A good consultant is one who understands the platform but equally has good business analysis, project management and change management skills to guide people and organisations through a process to solve critical business problems. At Supermums, we train Salesforce professionals in these skills, tools and templates with our Consultancy Skills Course. Our next course starts on the 4th October and the deadline to register is the 30th September.

If you don’t train up professionally in these Consultancy skills then these are the things that often go wrong!

1 – Not Preparing the Business Case to Generate Buy-in for the Implementation

Senior managers want to know:

  • ‘Why should I spend this money’
  • ‘How will it help me save money, make money, reduce wastage, or retain staff’

A consultant needs to be able to answer these questions in a tangible measurable way. At Supermums we teach you how to prepare a business case.

2 – Not On-boarding Salesforce Customers Properly

This can result in significant delays. We promote a 10 step onboarding process which includes steps such as access to their system, risk analysis, nominated internal admins and more. At Supermums we give you the onboarding checklist.

3 – Not Asking the Right Questions in the Design Workshops!

There are so many questions to ask that it’s impossible to make them up, or remember them in your head. A consultant should have ready prepared presentations and questionnaires to ensure they ask everything. At Supermums we give you the presentation decks and questionnaires for some of the core salesforce products.

4 – Not Documenting Agreed Requirements

Not having a shared document on what was discussed and agreed between all parties is never going to end well. This can create issues along the way, from prioritisation to agreed deliverables. A consultant should document discussions within process maps, a requirements log, technical workbook and more. At Supermums we teach you requirements engineering.

5 – Not Engaging People Properly in the Project

A consultant needs to be mindful of peoples learning styles and motivations to engage them in the best way. At Supermums we teach you all about change management and how to communicate with different types of personality.

6 – Not Making Time to Capture the Non-Functional Requirements

Quite often all of the time and emphasis can be placed on functional requirements, but non-functional requirements ensure the system and data remains safe, secure and compliant. A consultant should have a whole set of non-functional questions to ask and at Supermums, we equip you with these.

7 – Not Briefing a Client ahead of their Salesforce Design Workshop so they come Unprepared

A consultant should present the process and distribute questionnaires in advance of the workshop so people can get ready, and come prepared for the workshops. At Supermums we give you the presentation decks and questionnaires for some of the core Salesforce products.

8 – Not Appraising and Mitigating Risks with a Client with a 2 Way Analysis

It’s the consultants role to educate and discuss the risks and to mitigate them where possible. At Supermums we give you a risk analysis framework.

9 – Not Training People Properly on How to Use the System

A consultant needs to deliver a training strategy that promotes why it is important and delivers it in a way to suit different learning styles and motivates them to engage. At Supermums we teach you how to put a robust holistic training strategy in place to boost user adoption.

10 – Not Helping to set up a Centre of Excellence

A CoE is needed to embed a governance structure to manage the CRMS long term. A consultant should advise on the roles and responsibilities of the Exec Sponsor, Management Team, Salesforce Admins and Salesforce champions. At Supermums we teach you how to put this in place and do a health check where needed.

Get Skilled up with Our Consultancy Skills Course….

To get avoid the mistakes join the Supermums Consultancy skills course. Deadline to register is the 30th September.

  • 3 month course
  • Starting 4th October to December
  • Learn how to deliver successful Salesforce Projects.
  • Includes business analysis, project management and change management skills.
  • Includes pack of BA Scripts, Documentation Templates and Consultancy Skills Toolkit
  • Prepare for your Salesforce Business Analysis, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, NPSP consultant certifications.
  • Learn flexibly with on demand material.
  • Weekly support coaching with experienced Salesforce professional, Heather Black.

Our Consultancy Skills Course is kindly sponsored by…


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