S3, E3 – How to overcome your fears!

This week’s guest is <a href=”https://www.linkedin.com/in/carla-bolton-marsh-1152114/”>Carla Bolton-Marsh</a>.</span>

Carla is a Global Account Director at Salesforce, but also a Business and Leadership Coach, and she’s been busy working with some of our Supermums giving one to one coaching.

In this week’s podcast we talk about how to overcome your fears as that’s one of the things that many of our trainees face when they’re thinking about starting out in a new career. It can feel very scary to change direction or even to go for a promotion because quite often you don’t know if the grass is greener so in this episode we’re talking about how to overcome those fears, how to think about them logically and how to help move forward so you’re no longer stuck in the rut.

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Episode Highlights:

  • {2:11} How Carla started as a coach
  • {3:22} How Carla faced her fears and moved forward
  • {7:47} Building confidence after maternity leave
  • {9:21} Dealing with the fear of not feeling good enough
  • {14:21} Using your spare time to learn
  • {15:52} The value of coaching to move you past limiting beliefs

This podcast is sponsored by RB, in partnership with Enfa.

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