S6 Ep 2 – How to be Salesforce Admin – Part 2 – How to manage data in Salesforce

Series 6
Epsiode 2
27 Mins

In this new four part series, we will be talking about the Skills and Awesome Admin that you can really put into place to make sure you perform effectively as a Salesforce administrator.

In this week’s episode I am talking about data management and making sure that you’ve got a fantastic CRM system in place with good data.

At the end of the day if the data isn’t good, nobody will trust it and nobody will use it. People have to have faith in the system for it to work effectively.

So, I have an interesting chat today with Justin Barss and colleagues from Apsona and we discuss data literacy and how it can really inform and shape your business in terms of the decision making and in terms of its engagement with customers.

*this was a 4 way Zoom conversation and as such there are occasional slight drops in sound quality due to bandwidth issues.


Highlights from this episode:

  • (01:36) Trusted data
  • (04:36) Justin introduction
  • (08:40) Benefits for admins
  • (10:36) Reducing time
  • (16:58) Excel comparisons
  • (22:46) Opportunities available

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Episode Highlights

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