S6 Ep 1 – How to be a Salesforce Admin – Part 1 – How to manage a Salesforce System

Series 6
Epsiode 1
24 Mins

In this new four part series, we will be talking about the Skills and Awesome Admin that you can really put into place to make sure you perform effectively as a Salesforce administrator.

Today we’re talking about how to manage a Salesforce system and everything that entails.

I am delighted to be joined by Jack McCurdy, who is a DevOps advocate from Gearset, and he will be talking and offering sage advice about how DevOps can support Salesforce professionals in managing changes every day.


Highlights from this episode:

  • (01:57) The 40 Tasks
  • (08:32) Part of a wider network
  • (11:45) Solid Communication is key
  • (18:36) Gearset
  • (20:47) The Blog

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Episode Highlights

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