S5 Ep 19 – Career Boost: From Salesforce Admin to Salesforce Consultant (Part 5)

Series 5
Epsiode 19
20 Mins

Career Boost – DevOps For Consultants – Part 5

In this week’s podcast I am joined by Inshu Misra, to discuss DevOps and what consultants should know in order to perform the best in their roles in this capacity.

Inshu has been in the Salesforce ecosystem for more than 11 years, and throughout those years has worked as a technical architect and behavioural analyst.

This will be a six part series during which we are going to look at at how to empower Salesforce users with coaching skills as well as how to manage Salesforce changes with DevOps. We are going to look at how you can pitch yourself as a Salesforce consultant for any job role you might be going for. And more!

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Highlights from this episode:

  • (02:04) What is DevOps?
  • (04:50) Salesforce ecosystem
  • (11:02) Copado
  • (15:26) Certification programs

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Episode Highlights

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