S4, E7 – Presenting with Confidence

Series 4
Epsiode 7
22 Mins

In this week’s episode of Mums on Cloud Nine, we’re talking to Rachel Fowler, an actor, director, filmmaker and coach, about how we can present well at meetings.

Have you ever thought about why people come across so well on stage or at meetings – is it about rehearsing, is it about connection?

Episode Highlights

  • {2:56} Give yourself permission to speak up
  • {5:22} Listening is a reciprocal relationship
  • {8:42} Adapt how you communicate for your audience
  • {12:11) Breath is the engine to everything
  • {14:36} The intimacy of eye contact
  • {17:45} Presentation preparation advice

This podcast is sponsored by RB, in partnership with Enfa.

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