S4, E6 – Standing out from the crowd

Series 4
Epsiode 6
39 Min

In this week’s episode of Mums on Cloud Nine, we’re talking to Debbie Forster, CEO of Tech Talent Charter about how authenticity can help you stand out in the crowd, why it’s really important to know yourself and to be yourself in your career rather than trying to be someone else.

Episode Highlights

  • {3:04} Why women feel pressure to be something they’re not in the workplace
  • {8:39} Finding your authentic self at all the different stages of your life.
  • {13:04} Feeling able to acknowledge and talk about being a Mum at work
  • {18:32} Getting comfortable in our skins, heads and hearts
  • {21:13} How to question the criticism you receive
  • {23:38} Why employers need to support women to be who they want to be
  • {31:54} How organisations are now looking more actively at equality in the tech industry
  • {33:25} Treating your interview like a first date and ask the right questions
  • {37:16} The support charter can give to organisations and women in tech

This podcast is sponsored by RB, in partnership with Enfa.

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