Podcast #3 – Be Inclusive

Find out how women can support women in the workplace, with Kayleigh Potter, Account Executive and Women’s Network Champion at Salesforce.

In today’s podcast we explore the reasons why equality and diversity are important at Salesforce. Kaylee recently delivered an equality and diversity session to new recruits at Salesforce on Linkedin which was fantastic so I invited her on to the show to talk more about it.

I’d love for listeners to take away this information to enable them to prepare a business case and to be a catalyst for similar initiatives in their own workplace, so we start empower mums at work.

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{2:42} The benefits of investing in equality and diversity training

{6:47} Initiatives to support women

{9:47} Advice to employers who don’t have these initiatives in place

{21:58} Volunteering and giving back

{27:47} The power of allies

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