How to achieve high user adoption

The ultimate success of a Salesforce Admin or Consultant role is high user adoption. You can build a solution but if people don’t use it then it’s a waste of time.

Your role is therefore to support people to feel empowered by Salesforce and this requires a blend of skills to gain trust, provide assurance and generate confidence that you can deliver a solution to help meet their needs.

Technical product knowledge is important, but it is also extremely valuable to have the softer people skills as a consultant to engage people in the process. Having an understanding of business analysis, coaching and change management skills helps you to manage people throughout the implementation life cycle and to bring them along with you.

In this webinar we are introducing you to some of the key concepts of change management and how to engage people. These are top tips from our Change Management Course that we deliver as part of the Consultancy Skills Programme.

We want to share share some of the content from theories that are important to reflect on, share and apply to your projects day to day to engage people.

Engaging People is a key component of the POPIT Model. The POPIT model considers the four aspects of a business system which should be analysed during a Salesforce CRM Implementation to bring about successful change and improvements. These are:

    • The people
    • The processes
    • The organisation
    • The IT


Using POPIT allows you to take a holistic approach to considering change.
The POPIT model provides a useful framework to check you are considering all the internal business aspects at the outset and throughout any business change.

How to Engage People in Salesforce

During our webinar we give you some tips on How to Engage People in Salesforce to achieve high user adoption.

If you missed it, watch our webinar again to learn different change management theories and perspectives of how to support user adoption. Every organisation, team and individuals you work with will be different so how do you tailor your approach to make them feel comfortable with the process so can work towards high adoption.

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