S2 E12 – Creating Your Own Success

In this episode we’re talking to Heather Delaney about creating your own success with a focus on how to build your profile and credibility using PR. This is a topic that Heather is really excited about because having worked with a lot of women who are upskilling and developing and carving out their career in a new sector, it’s been brilliant to see how much they are interested in speaking at events, talking on webinars, launching their own community groups, writing their own blogs and getting really active on social media.

It’s absolutely amazing that they really want to shout out about what they’re doing, what they’re learning and really not only doing it for themselves, but sharing their expertise and experience with others.

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Episode Highlights:

  • {02:49} Heather’s story
  • {06:08} The PR industry
  • {11:14} Top tips for raising your profile
  • {18:08} Strategy for disseminating content
  • {26:24} The right to disconnect

This podcast is sponsored by RB, in partnership with Enfa.

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