S5 Ep 14 – How to Make Yourself In-Demand and Indispensable (Part 4)

Series 5
Epsiode 14
12 Mins

In the fourth of our four-part Parents Flex Up mini-series, I am talking about how to make yourself in demand and indispensable. 

 I’m looking forward to sharing my top tips with you  to help you think about how you can stand out in the job crowd, how you can negotiate a promotion or how you can reduce the risk of your job in a possible recession. 

If you want to have a successful career as a Salesforce professional and you have an appetite for learning, then your potential really is limitless. 

This mini-series of Mums on Cloud Nine is all about educating and inspiring parents to thrive in our Salesforce career so that you can earn more, work less and love your life. 

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Highlights from this episode:

  • (02:25) Having a positive, ambitious mindset
  • (04:35) Pitching for that new job role
  • (08:58) The Suite of Skills You Can Offer
  • (10:05) Your role in the Ecosystem

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Episode Highlights

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