S4, E5 – How to develop a heart-led people strategy

In this week’s episode of Mums on Cloud Nine, we’re talking to Kiki, founder, Kiki Kirby Coaching and Consultancy

Kiki specialises in helping business leaders and teams to perform in a more heart-led way. 

We’re talking all about how to stand out in the crowd as an employee or leader by empowering employees to achieve their goals and create a happy team. 

This is so important right now, as people are feeling a little burnt from the past year. Many people are feeling anxious about the changes we have experienced and the changes we’re going to experience going back into the workplace as people are not sure what to expect going forward.

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Episode Highlights:

  • {4:18} Why it’s important to have a people strategy

  • {7:18} Kiki’s framework

  • {13:26} How people are at the heart of organisations

  • {18:37} Implementing processes that are aligned with your values and purpose

  • {23:00} The importance of purpose in an organisation

  • {33:49} People are our most important asset which includes you too

    Find out more about Kiki at kikikirbycoaching.co.uk

This podcast is sponsored by RB, in partnership with Enfa.

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