Ambitious Women Mindset Summit

Find out how to juggle career, family and life ambitions without compromise.

Join us between 20th – 24th May for just 1hr a day and learn how to shine bright in your career & life with a positive mindset.

Do you want to shine brighter in your life?

To shine bright in our career and life it requires work on our mindset and mental health.

At Supermums we empower women to relaunch and achieve a flexible career without compromise. We believe coaching tools are a staple ingredient to bolstering your mindset to move you beyond the barriers and challenges that exist.

Over 5 days we will be introducing you to the Ambitious Women Mindset Coaching Model and sharing a coaching exercise a day that helps you overcome some of the common challenges we all face in our life.

Together we can take action and reset!

Are you in?

Join us at 8.30pm GMT / 12.30 pm PDT

1hr a day between 20th – 24th May

This event is for you if want to:

  • Re-set GOALS to avoid OVERWHELM
  • Introduce BOUNDARIES to prevent BURNOUT
  • Reignite ENERGY to boost MOTIVATION

Benefit from 5 days of FREE COACHING TOOLS and sign up for a free 30 min taster one to one Coaching Session to reframe your thoughts and mindset.

The Ambitious Women Mindset Coaching Methodology equips you with a set of coaching tools to help you reset your..

  • GOALS to give you a sense of accomplishment
  • ENERGY to re-ignite your motivation
  • BOUNDARIES to carve out time for you
  • CONFIDENCE to shine bright in work and life
  • RELATIONSHIPS with mutual value and support
  • IMPACT to make a difference in the areas that matter

A message from Heather Black, the founder of Supermums.

“I benefited from career coaching in 2006 and I realised the power of coaching and how it could help people in their life. I believe coaching should be a foundation subject at school as it can really help foster a positive mindset and support mental health to achieve your ambitions.

I went on to train as a Career Coach, ran a Coaching Business for many years and now Career Coaching is one of the key ingredients of the Supermums Returner Programme that helps women relaunch their careers in the Salesforce eco-system.

I designed the Ambitious Women Mindset Coaching Model to help women navigate the challenges of juggling kids and work and to feel like ambition is achievable without compromise. We want you to shine bright in your life and career and to help you prevent burnout, avoid overwhelm, reduce anxiety and overcome imposter syndrome.

Heather Black, founder and CEO of Supermums

Meet our Associate Coaches

Marie Hannigan

Career Transition, Personal & Confidence Coach (previously Senior Regional VP at Salesforce)

Kelly Nash

Career Coach & Resume Writer, Employee Programs & Change Management at Salesforce

Christina McCloughlin

Certified Career Coach, Freelance Author at Salesforce Ben and Certified Salesforce Consultant

Take Action!

Join us between the

20th – 24th May

Join us LIVE each day in the exclusive Facebook Group from 20th – 24th May @ 8.30pm BST / 3.30pm ET / 12.30pm PT as we re-set to shine brighter in our life and work.

Work through your FREE Coaching Goal Planner to create a new plan of action.

Sign up to a free 30 Minute Taster Career Coaching Consultation.

Day 1 – Re-set GOALS to avoid OVERWHELM?

  • Reflect on what’s important to you in your life.
  • Figure out what is creating the feeling of pressure
  • Re-set your goals for life and work with our Goal Planner

Day 2 – Boost CONFIDENCE and overcome IMPOSTER SYNDROME 

  • Identify your super powers
  • Commit to ways to boost your confidence
  • Reframe your mindset with power words

Day 3 – Build RELATIONSHIPS to reduce ANXIETY

  • Reflect on your current relationships
  • Consider ways to strengthen or reduce relationships
  • Identify new relationships to support you

Day 4 – Introduce BOUNDARIES to prevent BURNOUT

  • Review your current responsibilties
  • Consider what you need to change
  • Figure out what and how to install new boundaries

Day 5 – Reignite ENERGY to boost MOTIVATION

  • Figure out your sources of energy supply and drain
  • Reset your goals for refueling your tank
  • Find new ways to motivate yourself

The Summit is organised by Supermums. We help Mums (and Dads) to relaunch their career with our Salesforce Training Programme to help them achieve a more flexible well-paid career. Alongside teaching the latest tech skills, we also place a great emphasis on NLP coaching and pastoral support to develop personal motivation, communication, confidence and resilience. During this Summit you will get a flavour of Supermums and our mission to empower women to progress their ambitions. We have brought together our team of associate coaches who we work with, trust and admire.

We are delighted you have decided to sign up to the Ambitious Women Mindset Summit.

Reset your priorities
Get clear on your goals
Feel more positive

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