Fancy winning a free Salesforce Coaching course?

Our Accelerate your Salesforce Career Coaching programme (and competition) will empower any Salesforce professional.

How can Coaching help you achieve your goals?

Coaching is a set of powerful tools and techniques which can help you accelerate your success towards a positive end goal. It can help you personally in your career and professionally when working with clients:

  • Overcome imposter syndrome
  • Change negative behaviors and patterns
  • Boost your confidence and self-esteem
  • Get clear on your own unique selling points
  • Get equipped with the soft skills and attributes to be successful
  • Create a clear success plan with achievable goals
  • Improve your communication styles
  • Understand your own learning style

How does Coaching tools help you on Salesforce projects?

  • Understand emotional intelligence
  • Understand how to motivate people
  • Understand how to engage people
  • Help your clients to get clear on their goals
  • Influence and generate buy-in to achieve success
  • Improve your methods of communication
  • Understand different learning styles
  • Maximise user buy-in and adoption

Coaching is a power tool that every Salesforce professional should have in their toolkit not only for their own development but to deploy on projects they work on to maximise user adoption.

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How can I enter and what do I win?

If you are looking to take practical steps towards your end goal, whether it’s feeling more confident, boosting your communication skills, securing your new job, raising your profile, achieving your promotion or successfully managing and motivating people on a project, plus more, our Coaching programme is perfect for you.

Want to win access to our Coaching programme for 12 months plus other great prizes?

All you have to do enter your details and we’ll add you into the competition for your chance to win 1 of 3 prizes:

– A year subscription to Supermums Coaching course (worth £360)

– 3 x 1:1 Coaching sessions from Salesforce Global Account Director, Carla Bolton-Marsh

– £50 off a 12 month subscription to our Supermums Coaching course 

Who are Supermums?

With approx. 45 million mums in the world and technology being the fastest growing sector, why aren’t there more mums in tech? Supermums sees their potential and helps them to upskill and retrain in Salesforce and supports parents into finding flexible, well paid roles that fit around family life.

Since 2016, Supermums has worked as a training partner for Salesforce. We have taught over 300+ mums and dads and upskilled them in Salesforce CRM, 75% of our trainees are in new jobs within 3 months of completing their course, earning between £35k – £100+k.

At Supermums we love to empower people to thrive as a Salesforce professional. We achieve this through equipping them with coaching tools and techniques to help achieve their full potential.

No matter what you are into, this innovative sector has a place for you. You don’t need to be techie to understand but having the knowledge opens so many new doors!

Heather Black, founder & CEO of Supermums, has attracted attention for the way the Supermums programme empowers people to achieve their ambitions. Heather has been a professional certified coach since 2006 and shares her expertise by speaking, blogging, podcasting and coaching. Heather is a regular speaker at a range of salesforce and women-focussed events to people to develop their careers and is a contributor to media articles.

Heather Black, founder and CEO of Supermums
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