Stronger Women Summit 22

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Also join us LIVE for a Masterclass on 7th June.

Why Should You Attend the Summit?

Are you still struggling post pandemic with changing circumstances?

Do you still feel you are in survival mode rather than thriving?

Are you ambitious to achieve your career and life goals and achieve the promotion, career progression, salary and work life balance you desire?

YES! Then Stronger Women Summit 22 is for you!

During the 4 day summit we want to empower you with coaching tools and techniques that you can use to recharge your batteries and enhance your power.

Coaching tools and techniques aim to improve performance of an individual which focuses on the ‘here and now’ rather than on the distant past or future.

They empower you to build resilience, improve self-confidence, foster courage, communicate better and set and achieve goals.

Coaching should be front and centre in our lives and taught to everyone as a life-long skill from childhood. It should be part of your survival kit as it can help you to self-regulate and reset your mindset to overcome challenges and negative thinking to bounce back into your power zone.

We need to stay strong, resilient, and powerful. Women are a force to be reckoned with and we need to keep our personal and professional goals firmly in sight, and not get complacent. Alongside being a carer, mother, partner, boss etc we need to maintain our momentum and positivity about our own future alongside everyone else’s.

We know it’s tough, we all feel it too here at Supermums, but self care has to come first so we can be be strong to look after everyone else!

About the Stronger Women Summit 22

The Supermums team is passionate about coaching people to achieve their potential and we have an-inhouse coaching team that coaches members of our community to achieve their goals.

Our Coaches will share a coaching tool and technique each day…this will be a pre-recorded 15 min video sent to your inbox and uploaded into a facebook group. The facebook group will be a place for conversation, live feedback and peer motivation. We will also host an Ambitious Women Masterclass hosted by Heather Black, CEO of Supermums and a panel of guest speakers.

Access our Stronger Women Summit 22 and benefit from:

  • Focus and perspective to maintain balance and positivity
  • Inner strength and resilience to think in new ways
  • A new sense of autonomy to take back control of your career and life
  • Motivation and clarity to redefine your goals and work towards them
  • Methods and optimism to sell yourself well to progress your career

Bonus Gifts for Registering:

  • Receive a FREE Coaching Toolkit
  • FREE 30 min Career Coaching Call
  • Download your FREE Positive Affirmations Screensavers
  • Save 10% off any of Salesforce approved training programmes if you sign up and pay in full by 15th July

The Speakers

Hear from Heather Black, Founder & CEO, Supermums

“I trained as a NLP Practitioner and Business Coach in 2006, aged 26, having experienced the power of coaching first-hand. I was so inspired that I decided to launch a coaching business at that time that hired 20 coaches and helped thousands of young people with their career goals. When I launched Supermums in 2016 it was important that Coaching was part of it’s DNA. Supermums is focussing on helping mums believe they can achieve a meaningful well paid flexible career alongside balancing family life by working in the Salesforce eco-system. Alongside teaching technical skills it is also important we teach coaching skills to build the resilience and power of women to achieve their true potential. Salesforce offers a great opportunity to have a resilient and flexible career and I feel lucky to have weathered the Covid storm with a job and salary still intact. With this Global Summit I want to help women manage their own self-care alongside supporting the rest of the family. I firmly believe that coaching tools and techniques help you to maintain balance, positivity and momentum to help you stay strong. I couldn’t live without them so you shouldn’t too! Coaching helps me to feel like a super woman.”
Foreward by Heather Black, founder and CEO of Supermums

An Expert Team Empowering Women

Our Stronger Women Summit 22 experts will deliver bitesized coaching to help you decide on your game plan for the next few months to help you move towards finding the balance and happiness you deserve.

During the Stronger Women Summit 22 we are excited to announce the launch of our new three month Ambitious Women Mastermind. An in-depth one to one and group coaching programme for ambitious women who want to achieve their life and career goals.

Are you scared to step up?

Do you feel stuck in a rut?

Are feeling a bit burnt’ out?

This Mastermind is for you if you are…

  • Wanting to achieve career and salary progression without compromising your flexibility and life.
  • Wanting to avoid burn-out by learning how to ignite energy and juggle things as a senior female progressional.
  • Committed to achieving your work and life goals with the aid of coaching tools and techniques.

Meet the Coaches and guest experts taking part in the Live Ambitious Women Mastermind during the Summit on Thursday at 8pm and sign up if your on board!

Organised by Supermums, a training and recruitment agency

We help Mums (and Dads) to upskill in Salesforce CRM technology to achieve a more flexible well-paid career. We deliver a range of courses including the Salesforce Admin, Consultancy Skills and Marketing Cloud to support those starting out or further establishing their career in the sector. Alongside teaching technical skills, we also place a great emphasis on NLP coaching and pastoral support to develop personal motivation, communication, confidence and resilience. During this Summit you will get a flavour of Supermums and our mission to empower women to progress their ambitions. We have brought together a group of experts and role-models who we work with, trust and admire.

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