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Effective tools and techniques you can use to power the success of your salesforce projects today. Engage, enthuse and empower your users with great communication skills.

The majority of Salesforce projects fail due to poor business analysis, change management and executive sponsorship. Great communication skills and techniques lies at the basis of all of these disciplines so it’s really important to skill up in these areas.

Download our free tool kit to learn more about 8 coaching tools and techniques you can apply to your own professional development as well as use on your own salesforce projects to empower your audience through the digital transformation journey.

We teach these tools on our Accelerate your Salesforce Career Coaching course as well as many others to upskill Salesforce Professionals.​

About our Accelerate your Salesforce Career Coaching Programme

Heather Black, is the founder and CEO of Supermums and the ultimate ‘Salesforce Coach’. She has been coaching people to accelerate their career and business since 2006 as a qualified as a Coach and NLP practitioner. She ran a coaching company for 6 years with 20 coaches supporting over 10,000 people. She used Salesforce CRM to manage her coaching company and this kickstarted her Salesforce career in 2010.

She decided to train as as a Salesforce Consultant in 2011 and she now manages a UK Salesforce Consultancy with over 20 employees, approximately 60 admin trainees a year and has overseen over 600 projects.

With Supermums she actively delivers the Consultancy Skills Programme and Coaching Programme.

Heather is an experienced motivational speaker, certified NLP coach, trainer and 8x certified Salesforce consultant helping people embrace new technology to power their career and performance of non-profits and businesses.

She has been listed as one of the 100 most influential women in tech and won numerous awards. In 2019 she was awarded a coveted Golden Hoodie as a Salesforce Trailblazer.

She now delivers the Accelerate Career Coaching programme and Consultancy Skills Programme at Supermums.

Find out more below about our coaching programme and how we train salesforce professionals in coaching tools and techniques to benefit themselves professionally and personally.

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