Nonprofit Summit 2021 – Supermums Highlights

Marketing Journeys to Improve Lead Generation and Increase Impact presentation hit the nail on the head with their very first Nonprofit Summit!

The Nonprofit Summit is targeted for, you’ve guessed it, nonprofits. This free event allowed for Trailblazers from all around the world to share their best tricks of the trade with nonprofit organisations. With guests ranging from Jane Goodall to Amal Clooney to Leslie Odom, Jr, there were plenty of ideas and entertainment to take away. Here’s some of our personal favs…

Backstage Notes from Vicki

It was an amazing experience to present alongside one of our very own Supermums’ Marketing Cloud alumnus, Berta Martinez Ullied, on Marketing Journeys to Improve Lead Generation and Increase Your Impact.

We were able to give some insights into real-life marketing nurture journeys used by Supermums to give inspire other nonprofits to take advantage of marketing automation. Being a nonprofit ourselves, Supermums struggles with limited resource time and budget, which makes marketing automation essential to nurture our prospective trainees – especially as some take 2+ years to make the big leap to sign up for a course!

Missed out on the live Q&A? Have no fear – our answers are here!

The live Q&A after the pre-recorded session was a great way to add some interaction into the event.

Q: Do you lose any of the personalised touch when using marketing automation?
A: Absolutely not! You can build personalisation into the emails using the data that you are storing on the subscriber through personalisation strings, AMPScript and Guided Template Language. Dynamic content allows you to even show different images based on criteria you set, so each person is targeted with the image that will fit them the best. Then Journey Builder takes it to the next level where you can use both your data and subscriber actions to build out different paths. You may have 5 friends who all sign up for the same nurture journey, but all have a completely different experience tailored to each individual on their channel of choice!

Q: What are some metrics for measuring impact?
A:  Some of the biggest measurements of ROI are the conversation rates, open rates and click-through rates. Marketing Cloud tracking & reports allow you to dig into the impact of a certain campaign, channel, email and much more.

Q: What learning platform do you use for your courses?
A: We use LearnTrac and ViewTrac from Appinium as our LMS. We love that they are built natively on the Salesforce platform and integrate seamlessly into our Supermums portal (built on Experience Cloud, formerly known as Community Cloud). It’s very sleek and we’ve gotten great feedback from our trainees!

Thoughts from our Alumni and Team

The winner hands-down was the demo from Steps!

Debbie: “I liked the demo they did with Steps, a great way to see how the products support the supporter journey.”

Arlene: Agree!  I just listened to that, and the Steps example was rich with detail in how the different products play a part.

Vicki: “Jane Goodall is my childhood hero! I loved being able to snuggle up with my 7 year-old and watch her get inspired by Jane’s message of hope and her amazing work getting the next generation involved with her youth programme Roots & Shoots. I know we’ll be signing up!”

Are you a nonprofit and looking for a way to take your Salesforce strategy off the ground or to the next level?

Interested in becoming a Marketing Cloud expert yourself? 

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