Trainer FAQs

What preparation will I need for the training?

A Training Session will normally involve up to 5hrs of support – consisting of 2hrs preparation and 3hrs Delivery. Four sessions would equal a commitment of 20hrs for example.

For the Admin 201 Curriculum, you would be delivering off-the-shelf training material and using a demonstration environment relevant to the topic. We have a ‘train the trainer’ support environment so we can brief you on the material in advance. Guest speakers on third party apps or other Salesforce products design their own presentation material.

Our course lead will brief you before the session, get you onboarded, introduce you to the trainees at the start of the session and wrap-up the training sessions.

What is the expected commitment for delivery?

Volunteer trainers can sign up to deliver 4 plus training sessions on a course. We run courses four times a year. The commitment of a volunteer to deliver up to 4 training sessions over a 26 week period makes the course consistent for all stakeholders involved. For special webinars around third party apps or products will consider volunteering for one off sessions.

When do webinars run?

Our training webinars are typically 10-12.30 on a Monday or Tuesday, but could run on any working week day.

What prerequisites are you looking in a trainer?

We are looking for Salesforce Certified volunteers who are very experienced in Salesforce products and features and in training new learners. The trainer’s knowledge and level should align to the course’s certification exams and standards. We would require a summary of your certifications and relevant experience with references as required.

Mentors FAQ

What will I be tasked with as a Mentor?

During the first three months the trainee completes practical exercises within a developer org. The mentor will arrange on 10 x 1-2hr weekly sessions to review the trainee’s progress and completion of these tasks and complete a homework review record to document feedback within our Salesforce community. During the subsequent three months, the trainee will be working on Salesforce implementation.

Their project could either be for a school PTA or non-profit. During the implementation you will be discussing and reviewing their completion of requirements and completing a status. The School PTA project will entail a standard implementation package with a ready made workbook.

The mentor and mum will lead on the project with PTA volunteers. This implementation on average will require 10 x 1-2hr mentoring sessions to complete the project and deliver training to the PTA volunteers.

A custom non-profit implementation will be led by an experienced consultant at Economic Change. The mentor will provide additional support around the build as needed.

What is the Commitment?

A Mentor will commit approximately 30-40 hrs – on average 1-2hrs a week for 20 weeks over a 26 week period to support the mum on their course.

How do you match volunteers?

We will look to match trainees to mentors that have the same availability e.g. day time or days, to provide a suitable match. We would recommend agreeing the same time/day each week were possible to maintain consistency where ever possible?
What is the Pre-requisite for mentors?

Currently we are looking for volunteer mentors who have either have at least 2 years full-time Salesforce Administrator experience and are a certified Salesforce Administrator.
For our new courses, we will also be looking for Developers, Finance and Marketing Solution experts in the future.

Who manages your volunteers?

Recruitment and Allocation

The recruitment and scheduling of our volunteers is managed by Zoe Lynds our Operations Manager. She will qualify your interest and suitability and allocate you to deliver training or mentoring as appropriate.


The training course is managed by Martin Brockwell, a Senior Consultant at Economic Change. He will onboard and introduce any volunteers who are signed up to

When would volunteering opportunities start?

Our course start dates are February, May, September, November. You could sign up to volunteer on any of our future courses.

How do you onboard volunteers?

We use Litmos LMS to train and support our volunteers and mums. A volunteer would be given access to the Supermums Course Material, so you can see their homework and deliverables. Our Mentoring Tool Kit and Train the Trainer Courses are also delivered by Litmos.