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Day in the Life: Jasmine, Keeping your mind active whilst on maternity leave

Have you have been wondering how to keep your mind active during your time on maternity leave? You may be interested that one-third of our trainees are studying whilst juggling caring for a new baby!  In the latest of our ‘Day in the Life of a Salesforce Supermum’ series, Jasmine shares why she retrained and how she found […]

Looking for a Better Work-Life Balance? Grow your Career in IT and become a Salesforce SuperMum?

Are you looking for a career change or keen to upskill/invest in yourself in 2019? You may be already working or currently trying to return to work after a career break. Would you like to find a rewarding, challenging role that has great career opportunities, pays well and gives you flexibility? Find out how retraining […]

A day in the life of a Superdad: Simon des Forges

A day in the life of a Superdad: Simon des Forges Simon is one of our Superdads, having recently graduated from the Supermums programme and was also awarded with our Supermums Customer Success Award in November 2019. Simon was working for Herts Viewpoint when we worked together with Economic Change to implement their Salesforce org, […]

The Secret is Out – Mums can find flexible well-paid careers!  

Heather Black and her children

Heather and her team are helping Mums to be Superheroes at work, as well as at home. Two years ago, Heather sat with her youngest daughter on her knee and decided it was a secret she needed to share with other mums. You could look after a baby, enjoy a meaningful career and live by the sea in […]

Returning to Work: Jo Matthews – A Day in the Life of a Supermum

Have you been out of work for a while looking after little ones and thinking about returning to work? Don’t worry, about a quarter of our trainees are in your shoes. Jo Matthews: A Day in the Life of a Supermum Jo Matthews tells her story about how she returned to work and got back […]

What type of Salesforce role would suit you? Part 1  

What type of Salesforce role would suit you? – Part 1   Within this first article we look at the different type of Salesforce employers and the type of work they may offer.  Gain Diversity with Consultancy Roles   If you are someone who enjoys diversity, new challenges, learning new things, working under time and budget pressure, […]

Empowering the Future Generation with Salesforce

Empowering the future generation with Salesforce Inspiring children into Technology is big on today’s agenda, with new characters such as Little Miss Technology being championed and code clubs popping up in schools. We’re on a mission to empower the future generation with Salesforce technology – Heather Black, our founder is speaking at a local school in Hastings […]

Are working mums being sold the impossible dream?

Mum working on bench

Are working mums being sold the impossible dream? The Times published an article last weekend asking this very question on flexibility. It’s one I’ve often pondered at the moment I wake up and realise that there’s no milk for breakfast, and the bread is mouldy. Epic fails, or everyday life of a working mum? Firstly, […]