Series 2, #05 – The 4 roles of a Salesforce Admin

In today’s episode, Heather has two special guests. They are two colleagues of Salesforce and we will be talking about what are the four roles of an awesome admin team.

When Heather is talking about an admin role, she means a Salesforce Admin, who is somebody who looks after a Salesforce system on a day to day basis for the organisation they’re working with.

Listen Now:


{2:02} First role: Security Management

{3:47} Second role: Housekeeping

{4:50} Third role: Data Management

{5:24} Fourth role: Business Analyst

{7:20} Vicky’s story in Salesforce

{11:01} How Nikki starts to work for Salesforce

{15:46} Top tips to find the best job for you in Salesforce

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