Job Profile: Salesforce Developer

You love cracking the code on tricky problems, believe repetitive tasks should be automated, and think the best answer is the simplest and most elegant.

A Salesforce Developer is experienced in click functionality as well as technical code solutions. They are experienced in a range of technical areas whether it’s the creation of UI interfaces, integrations, lightning components, Apex and Visual Force or data migration, they configure systems to the next level of customisation.

Salesforce Developers will have experience in other programming languages, such as JavaScript and are then able to learn the native language of Salesforce. It’s important to understand the basics of programming and code before embarking on the Developer track.

What’s Salesforce? Salesforce is a customer relationship management solution that gives every business team⁠—from sales and marketing to commerce, service, and beyond—a single, shared view of every customer.

Typical Responsibilities of a Salesforce Project Manager:

  • Lead on technical requirements and work daily on development and advanced administration requirements
  • Understand, quote, and explain technical requirements for proposals
  • Get involved in the design process alongside the architecture team to create leading designs
  • Develop and test your code, using regular coding reviews in order to follow best coding practices

These are the most common general skills listed in job postings for Salesforce Developer roles. Chances are you already have some of these transferable skills:

  • Knowledge of various Salesforce platforms
  • Salesforce administration qualification
  • Skilled and experienced in Visual force, Apex, JavaScript, Java, Lightening
  • Experience integrating Salesforce with other platforms


  • UK – £52,500 – £83,000
  • USA- $114,000 – 162,500
  • AUS – $120,000 – $160,000


  • Salesforce Administration
  • Salesforce Platform 1 and 2 Certifications