Priscila: Lawyer to Salesforce Solutions Architect

Originally from Brazil, Priscila now works in the UK for Wandera as a Solutions Architect.

Find out more about her journey, how she changed careers, retrained in Salesforce and what life is now like as a Solutions Architect. 

Leveraging the flexibility and power of Salesforce can ensure we keep ahead of the curve, but it requires a deep understanding of the system as well as keeping up with the new tools and functionality available.”

Heather Black, Supermums MD is gearing up to do her solutions architect course this year. If, like Heather, you are thinking about learning a new skill, this webinar shares how Priscila changed her life with Salesforce and the road to becoming a solutions architect.

Check out our YouTube Channel for more videos, including Heather’s ‘How to…Develop Consultancy Skills’ webinar.

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