Relaunch Your Career – Virtual Bootcamp

Join us for 45 mins a day from 19 – 23 June to build the confidence to relaunch your career, to earn well, work flexibly and love life with our FREE 5 day virtual bootcamp.

Relaunch Your Career Bootcamp

Right now you might feel confused, anxious, and worried about starting something new.

To move from STUCK to SECURE, you need to get educated and informed about the career options available to you so you can make an INFORMED & CONFIDENT decision about relaunching your career.

Our 5 day virtual Bootcamp with a daily 45 min live session we will help you to

  • Boost your confidence by learning what’s possible.
  • Understand the Salesforce career options available
  • Help you to create a career plan with clear goals
  • Decide if a Salesforce Career is for you.

At Supermums, we are experts in helping people to relaunch their career, especially if you are a parent who has been out of work whilst looking after your kids. We know what it takes mentally and emotionally to reboot and step back into the workplace.

Join us where ever you are in the world.



Explore possibilities that are available to you to make an informed decision and be inspired by other relaunchers.



Understand the different job roles available and how your existing skills and experience can be transferred into a new career.



Create a plan of action for relaunching your career with our Career Plan template to help you take the steps to a new future.

This event is for you if:

  • You have been OUT OF WORK for a while as a stay at home mum or carer and need a new career.
  • You are on MATERNITY LEAVE and wondering what other career options exist.
  • You want to EARN MORE and have more FLEXIBILITY than your current role offers.

Find out more about what a career in Salesforce can offer you in terms of salary, flexibility, job roles and career trajectory. Start your new life today…

  • Build a resilient career in the Worlds #1 CRM Solution where demand is high and talent is in short supply.
  • Progress your career and double your salary to earn on average £5k/ US $10k a month.
  • Work flexibility by working remotely in the cloud with Salesforce CRM
  • Work anywhere anytime with an internationally-recognised certification. Salesforce is used by companies globally. The World is your Oyster.
  • Earn more by transferring your existing skills into a new career

You don’t need to have a specific background or educational degree to relaunch your career in the Salesforce eco-system. There a whole range of career options to explore that lend themselves to transferrable skills and experience.

Join us to learn more about what the different job roles entail and find out if one of them suits you!

What is Salesforce CRM?

Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM. Salesforce is trusted by 150,000 customers global companies and 30,000 non-profits including 99% of Fortune 500 customers. These customers span a whole range of industries from health to retail to automotive and beyond.

A CRM is a Client Relationship Management Solution. It is used by teams to manage customer data and interactions within sales departments, call centres, marketing teams, service teams etc. It provides a company with a secure 360 degree view of all of the information, communications, sales and interactions with their partners, customers, suppliers and more. It also automates processes for teams such as sending emails or renewing contracts through intuitive AI features, reducing administration.

The demand by companies to implement and manage a CRM continues to grow especially with an ever growing virtual workplace. Salesforce have predicted 9.3m new jobs will be created by 2026 but currently there isn’t enough talent to service current demand never mind future demand.

How to Relaunch your Career with Supermums

Our Salesforce Ultimate Admin Course

Supermums was founded by a Heather Black, a mum on a mission to raise awareness and empower other mums to learn Salesforce. She re-trained in 2012 and successfully worked 3 days a week earning £5k/$10k a month working remotely when her first daughter was born.

Launched in the UK in 2016 the demand for our virtual courses took us globally and we now offer our courses across 3 regions. We have taught over 1000+ mums and dads, across 10 different countries  and helped over 500 companies to recruit better talent.

We are an Authorised Salesforce Training Partner with Salesforce and our courses are commercially discounted from standard rate prices as we are a non-profit organisation on a mission to upskill parents to build better lives for their families.

Our Ultimate Admin course is the foundation course and this stands out from competitors as we provide support from A to Z to help you accelerate the launch your new career with 9 Pillars of support including live remote training, real work experience, one to one mentoring, career coaching, peer group support, and recruitment advice.

Want to learn more?

Join us between the

19 – 23 June

Join us live for 45 mins each day in the Facebook Group from 19 – 23 June at 8pm BST / 3pm ET / 12pm PT.

Work through your FREE Career Plan Template and put you’re thoughts down on paper.

Sign up to a free 30 Minute Career Coaching Consultation.

Go behind the scenes on Day 5 for the last part of the Bootcamp to see what Salesforce looks like as a Salesforce Admin.

Supermums is an Authorised Salesforce Training Provider.

Sunday 18 June – Welcome Party – What are your Career Goals for 2023?

Day 1 – Learn about the Salesforce Career Options

Join our Heather, Supermums CEO & Founder, to get an insight into a variety of job roles within the Salesforce eco-system that suit different personalities, skills, and why they are so well paid! 

Day 2 – How to Transfer Your Skills and Experience into a new Career

Join our Rachel, Global Community Manager, as she shares how to use your existing skills and knowledge to your advantage when finding the perfect role in Salesforce.

Day 3 – The 10 Steps to land your Salesforce Job

Join our Career Coach Maria and Melonie, Supermums Recruitment Manager, as they guide you through how to sell yourself into a Salesforce roles, and the types of things employers are looking for, and may ask at interview.

Day 4 – How to Learn Salesforce with Supermums

Why have over 1000+ trainees chosen to trust Supermums to help them kickstart or advance their Salesforce journey? USA Career Coach Diane shares what makes us different to other training providers and why our full holistic programme not only makes us better value for money, but will help you achieve success faster.

Day 5 – Demo of Salesforce Administration and Q&A

Join EMEA Training Manager Nikki and Career Coaches, Diane & Maria for a deep dive into our Admin course, a demo of what Salesforce looks like on the inside and Q&A.

The Supermums global team is here to support you every step of the way. We can’t wait to meet you and help you find your new path to set you up for success.

Our training and recruitment team are super passionate about helping people to relaunch their career and change their life for the better. Quite a few of our team have actually gone through the programme themselves and loved the brand so much they wanted to work for it.

We can’t wait to celebrate your success with you.

Benefits of Learning & Upskilling with Salesforce

Learn the Top Product In Demand by Employers

Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM with over 150,000 customers global companies and 30,000 non-profits including 99% of Fortune 500 customers. Salesforce have predicted 9.3m new jobs will be created by 2026 but currently there isn’t enough talent to service current demand never mind future demand.

Learn the Top Skills in Demand by Employers

LinkedIn quotes that most in-demand skills by employers include Business Analysis, Cloud Computing, AI, EQ and Data Analytics. These roles align with job opportunities within the Salesforce sector so you are future proofing your career.

Be in Demand and Work From Anywhere

62% chose a career in Salesforce due to flexible working. Cloud Computing allows you to work anywhere and in an age where companies are offering more virtual working, we need to seize this opportunity

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