Current Openings

EMEA Training Manager

£35,000 – £45,000 per year pro rata (based on a 40-hour week).
Flexibility around number of days per week.

Remote position.


To support the expansion and increased course offerings of training courses in EMEA.
To apply, please email a CV and covering letter to:



Pastoral Support

  • Completing the trainee onboarding process and welcome calls
  • Case management to resolve or escalate any issues or questions that arise during the course
  • Completing regular progress reviews with trainees to evaluate, provide guidance and ensure accountability
  • Aiding with the work experience matching process


  • Delivering weekly live webinars or securing volunteer trainers to do so when applicable for the various course offerings, currently around the Administrator curriculum, but soon to expand to Consultancy and Developer
  • Maintaining course material on the LMS system
  • Creation of weekly homework records
  • Facilitating quarterly, three-week peer-led exam prep sessions.

Volunteer Management

  • Completing volunteer interest calls to deem suitability and match with correct roles
  • Onboarding new volunteers
  • Completing the volunteer mentor matching process at the beginning of each cohort
  • Tracking volunteer time logs, quality control and evaluation of volunteer programme

Required Skills, Knowledge and Qualifications

A successful candidate will meet most if not all of the following criteria:

  • Holds the Salesforce Administrator certification. (required)
  • Past experience delivering training. (required)
  • Experience delivering customer service.
  • Background in educational training.
  • Experience with volunteer management.
  • Works well in a fast-paced environment as part of a virtual team.
  • Possesses strong communication skills.

Measures of Success

  • Trainee CSAT scores of 8.4 +
  • Number of volunteer roles filled
  • Case Response Time and Response Satisfaction Scores
  • Total Number of Active Volunteers
  • Trainee Retention, Completion and Certification Rates



Marketing and PR Manager

£40,000 Salary (pro-rata)


To create and manage a marketing and PR campaign plan for Supermums globally; working across EMEA, USA and Australia.
To apply, please email a CV and covering letter to:






  • Contact and Campaign Management using Salesforce CRM
  • Social Media Engagement – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • E-Marketing Campaigns using Pardot and Salesforce
  • Sponsor and Partner Liaison and Joint Marketing Campaigns
  • Community Event Management
  • Management of the Supermums Website
  • Arranging Supermum ‘A Day in the Life’ of Webinars and Case Studies


  • To engage key influencers/media contacts across mums/Tech/salesforce/women space and create database of contacts with relevant interests.
  • To create relevant content library to send to media contacts/influencers
  • To secure joint press opportunities working with sponsors and partners
  • To engage speakers and manage them our Podcast Series
  • To help manage and support marketing of the Podcast series.

Ambassador Management

  • Local Ambassador Management who help promote activities in geographical areas.
  • Securing Speaker Slots for key Influencers and Social Bloggers to secure coverage for Supermums and our sponsors on podcasts, webinars and blogs and events.


Required Skills, Knowledge and Qualifications

An experienced marketeer and copywriter with proven experience and media contacts within our target sectors:

  • Marketing Strategy and Campaign Planning
  • Website Management
  • PR Skills
  • Social Media Management
  • E-marketing Campaigns

Measures of Success

  • Volunteer Engagement and Retention
  • Trainee Sales Targets Achieved
  • Partner Engagement and Retention
  • Increase in Followers and Engagement on Media Platforms