CRM Campaign Developer/Marketing Cloud Administrator

Job Details

  • Location: UK , Greater London
  • Job Ref: SMC-0768
  • Employment Type: Permanent , Full Time
  • Salary: Up to £90,000 per annum
  • Working Type: Hybrid

An exciting opportunity for a Marketing Cloud CRM specialist to work for a global brand. This is a fast paced business which requires someone that is calm and considered in their approach, and is someone who will go the extra mile when the business requires it.


The ideal candidate will have a 2 year background of working with HTML and AMPscript and 4 years using Marketing Cloud. Skills and experience for this role include the ability to:


  • Build and maintain modular campaign template(s) that are responsive and incorporate brand standards and best practices.
  • Build highly dynamic campaigns using HTML and AMPscript.
  • Conduct QA testing to ensure segmented audiences and content are accurate and rendering properly on different devices.
  • Be able to manage and segment audience data using the various Marketing Cloud tools (audience builder, data extensions, API, filters, queries, etc.).
  • Be able to troubleshoot campaign development issues including template rendering, accurate links, accessibility, subscriber lookup, etc.).
  • Work with SFMC tools and scripting languages to update content and enable dynamic content/personalization.
  • Be able to train specialists on basic SFMC capabilities and deployment best practices.
  • Develop and train Einstein to produce an always on sales channel
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