How to find your motivation in 2024

By Jennifer Wood

January 8, 2024
3 min read

Do you want to know how to find your motivation to accelerate your Salesforce career in 2024? Throughout January we’re sharing a series of blogs that will help you get motivated to have a fabulous year because you consciously made it happen! 

We are going to be looking at the following areas with reflections from the Supermums community:

  • How to motivate yourself to take action in 2024
  • How to overcome obstacles in 2024
  • How to boost your confidence in 2024
  • How to achieve your Salesforce career goals in 2024

In Part 1, we zone in on how to motivate yourself to take action.

Do you find yourself, year after year, or month after month saying you are going to commit to doing something, only for time to pass by without it being accomplished? You get sick of talking about it but you can’t understand why or what the barrier is to doing it, and you feel frustrated and disappointed in yourself.

Many of our Supermums trainees have found this to be true of their journey when they decided they wanted to change careers and retrain in Salesforce. Before finding Supermums, they were trying to study on their own but they were struggling to find the motivation and direction to achieve it independently. 

Sometimes we need to look at the key ingredients that motivate people and to consciously put them in place to make things happen. For example:

  • Find a peer group you can work alongside who are committed to the same goals as you 
  • Have a weekly accountability buddy who will help and support you with your weekly goals
  • Have a structure for your learning plan with a clear timetable and curriculum of study 
  • Have a reason for taking action, and be clear on why do you want to do it

If you put these in place it can turn your dream into a reality!

Hear from some of our trainees that decided to invest in the Supermums Admin Course to get the motivation and support they needed:

When I first heard about Salesforce, I decided to self teach and got comfortable using Trailhead. I soon realised that I couldn’t do it all by myself and needed the help of a course and guided learning. I learned A TON! 

Hindy, Mom of 5 from USA, living in Israel

Trailhead is free, but for me, I know i’d have lost my way with it plus having no network or work experience would have made it very difficult to get a job afterwards. Supermums offer a network, a mentor to guide you through the course, work experience as part of the programme plus guided learning to navigate the wealth of info on Trailhead.

Kathryn, UK

I found navigating the trailhead courses in Trailhead on my own, without any guidance, to be quite overwhelming for a beginner like me. The Supermums Admin program is a comprehensive, well-structured program with enough support and touch points that will equip me to achieve my goal of gaining salesforce certification and have a stable job. The program caters to the learning styles of different individuals.

Vandana, USA

What should YOU do next?

At Supermums we deliver a range of Salesforce courses that provide structure, quality and level of accountability which generates the motivation. Our training has received an average score of 4.7 out of 5, by over 1k+ trainees. 

Find out more about our training courses today and get started in January.


Written By:

Jennifer Wood
Jennifer's role is to look after global Marketing, Communications, Events and all things Social Media to help spread the word of Supermums far and wide!

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