How to boost your confidence in 2024

By Jennifer Wood

January 22, 2024
5 min read

Do you want to know how to find your motivation to accelerate your Salesforce career in 2024? Throughout January we’re sharing a series of blogs that will help you get motivated to have a fabulous year because you consciously made it happen! 

We are going to be looking at the following areas with reflections from the Supermums community:

In Part 3 we look at how to boost your confidence with a focus on putting your learning into practice and getting real time feedback from someone about how you are doing. When you just learn something theoretically you won’t feel confident in these new skills until you have put them in play, and most importantly you have some asked for someone to review your work and feedback to you. 

How to boost your confidence with Salesforce work experience

  1. Arrange the best way to maintain communication through regular meetings or other communication tools to keep work on track and have a way to document or converse verbally or in writing. Set the agenda for the project you are going to work on. 
  2. Understand the brief. Undertake some initial business analysis to understand the organisation you are working with, the pain points and the benefits desired from the technical work to be completed and document this.
  3. Document all of the proposed and completed tasks you are doing and the time it is taking to do them to understand your effort involved, especially if you are just committing to deliver a certain number of hours for free or paid.
  4. Summarise all of the technical work you have completed and ask someone to check it’s what is required. Don’t worry if it’s not right first time, this is part of the iterative development process. It’s normal to ask for user testing and to evolve the technical solution based on feedback. 
  5. Once the work is completed appraise the business value and benefits derived from the technical updates and summarise the story for the client and include it on your CV and Linked In profile 
  6. Ask for feedback from the person overseeing the quality of your work on areas you can improve upon and what you did well and if appropriate ask if they will act as a reference on LinkedIn.

At Supermums we provide trainees with professional training, tools and a safe space to be confident to do their first work experience project working alongside other Salesforce professionals and their Salesforce mentors. Here is what our trainees say:

“The work experience with Supermums was brilliant for me. I was nervous because it was project based, but we were able to put our skills into practice, and really build out the org and do configuration and that was great experience: hands-on exposure, for a real company. I took it on as a challenge, I pushed myself telling myself ‘You’ve got this, go and prove yourself right”

Rayan, UK

“My favourite part of the Supermums course is the hands-on work experience with Exponent Partners who were very supportive and were eager to help me become a trusted part of their team. It is the most valuable way to learn Salesforce — and be the most confident in your abilities. I feel so much more confident and ready to take on any Salesforce situation because of this experience and their continued support even after the class has ended.“

Anita, Mom of 3, USA

“I was fortunate enough to get a great Internship. As a team I had so much autonomy to make decisions and create a system for a client. This gave me great confidence to get back into work. I now work as a consultant for the company that i did my work experience with as they were super impressed with my work”

Shenita, Mom of 2, from USA and living in Barbados

“I knew that the work experience was going to give me the edge that I needed to get into the world of Salesforce. I was given the perfect match; it was very serendipitous. I was matched with a non-profit called Camp Simcha that caters to the Jewish community which I’m part of. My project manager was incredible, and I learned so much; it was a perfect balance of guiding me while really allowing me to figure it out for myself. I was lucky enough to offered ongoing paid work with the same organisation”

Hindy, Mom of 5, from USA and living in Israel 

How to secure Salesforce work experience 

There are 3 options to secure work experience with a real customer:

1) Handpick, target and write to Salesforce admins in companies or consultancies directly asking if you can undertake work experience with them. You could network via Linked In, attend user groups, or community conferences to meet the right type of people.

2) Find a Salesforce mentor and ask if you can shadow and support them on something they are working on. 

3) Join a Salesforce training programme, like Supermums, that offers guaranteed work experience

Getting valuable work experience will accelerate your chance at landing your first job by firstly putting your cv at the top of the list and secondly getting a salary in your pocket quicker. You never know where it might take you – work experience could lead to an ongoing paid work opportunity, or at least a reference or referral to land a job. 


Written By:

Jennifer Wood
Jennifer's role is to look after global Marketing, Communications, Events and all things Social Media to help spread the word of Supermums far and wide!

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