Celebrating Diversity at Supermums

By Stella Sutcliffe

December 7, 2021
3 min read

Are you passionate about demonstrating your commitment to creating a workforce which represents a diverse range of people?

National Inclusion Week at the end of September which is immediately followed by Black History Month (October), are just a few of the key opportunities to encourage awareness and shine a light on new challenges for those who have a disability, people of all ages, races and religions, sexualities, sexual orientations and gender identities.

Organisations with Equality, Diversity and Inclusion goals at the heart of their vision and mission use these focus opportunities as a chance to recruit the best talent and increase staff engagement for all of their people.

According to Inclusive Employers, over 185 million people engaged with National Inclusion Week this year which demonstrates how just many want to learn more about inclusion, and feel enabled to be their authentic self at work. It also demonstrates how important businesses are beginning to realise this conversation is in order to create a happy workforce.

At Supermums, it’s no different!

Supermums has always been about empowering mums (and dads) to establish well paid, flexible careers in the tech industry, but we are proud of our diversity and inclusion for all, whether you are a parent or not. We always take an inclusive approach and invite anyone to participate in our training programmes.

As insight here are some of our latest stats from our work:

  • We are proud to represent many different candidates and currently we have over 550 active candidates on our books. So far we have made 71% female placements and 29% male placements.
  • In our recent trainee cohorts between 50%-75% are from minority groups and between 80-90% are women.
  • Supermums works with charities such as Ashley Housing who support refugees, and others who provide access bursaries for those couldn’t otherwise afford to upskill.
  • Via the Thomas Pocklington Trust, we have made our courses fully accessible to visually impaired people and they funded a number of places on the course.
  • Going forward we are keen to work with charities which support women suffering from domestic violence or who are widowed.
  • The international representation across our trainees is extensive from a wide range of countries, many now living in countries that are not their birthplace. We are proud to have taught trainees who originate from so many different continents and regions including South America, Canada, USA, India, Europe, Asia, Australia and beyond. As a virtual course we attract trainees and volunteers to join us globally, ensuring that the course is inclusive for all.

What’s the difference between Equality, Diversity and Inclusion?

Imagine three people looking at flowers in a field. The three people are different heights.

Equality – Giving all three people a box of the same height to stand on, in order to allow them to see over the fence, and look at the flowers.

Diversity – Giving everybody a box to suit their height, to enable them to look over the fence to see the flowers.

Inclusion – Removing the fence.

For five years, Supermums has been successfully training parents, and anyone who wants to upskill, progress, and live a happy, flexible working life. As well as training, we also place people into well salaried vacancies which offer flexibility for anyone who wants or needs it. There are no barriers to anybody. At Supermums, there is no fence.

If you are looking to upskill, get back to work or even find that perfect role that allows more flexibility and pays well, have a look at our training courses available or sign up to our recruitment service.


Written By:

Stella Sutcliffe

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