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What’s Your Superpower?

From overcoming your fears to leaving an impactful legacy or redefining yourself after maternity leave to deciding to be self employed, whats your super power?

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Why do we need relationships?

Why do we need relationships? This week we’re talking about the power of relationships, why they are important, how to build them and how to find the time to nurture them. 

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Abigail Julian
What is an apprenticeship?

Supermums can help you accelerate your Salesforce career with this apprenticeship programme in partnership with Learning Curve Group and approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships and developed in partnership with the British Computing Society.

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Heather Black
Power your Salesforce Projects with Coaching Skills Masterclass

Do you want to confidently engage users on your Salesforce projects? If the answer is Yes then watch Heather’s Coaching Skills Masterclass to learn three essential coaching skills that you will find invaluable to your Salesforce projects. Learn how to empower your team and users to achieve success.

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